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Medical Sheepskin


Our 100% Australian medical grade sheepskin helps soothe and provides comfort. The breathable wool fibers help reduce pressure points and bed sores. 

Versatile- use anywhere 24 hours a day- in the car, bed, on a ...

Medical Slippers


Medical Slippers

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Sheepskin Crutch Cover

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Sheepskin Elbow Pad

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Sheepskin Neck Pillow



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Protects hands from developing sores and blisters. Sheepskin is a non-irritant to the skin and has many therapeutic effects. 

Price is per pair 

When it comes to relieving pain and providing comfort, sheepskin is the material of choice. This natural fiber reduces tension on pressure points while maintaining a comfortable body temperature. From medical slippers that wrap around tender feet to neck pillows that can be used at home and on the road, medical sheepskin products from the Sheepskin Factory meet all types of health needs.

Medical Slippers

Foot pain can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Diabetics are particularly prone to foot pain, as reduced circulation can affect the ability of the foot to heal from injury. Medical slippers lined with sheepskin offer soothing comfort to sore, tired feet. The sheepskin also relieve pressure on the feet that can contribute to sores, and the antibacterial properties protect the feet from further damage.

Our medical slippers come in a wide range of sizes for men and women, featuring adjustable Velcro straps for comfortable wear. The ankle cuff can be folded up for additional warmth and the natural sheepskin keeps skin dry in all kinds of weather.

Sheepskin Crutch Covers

Crutches may be necessary after an injury or surgery. However, long-term use can lead to additional pain under the arms. Pressure points under the arms and on the hands from daily use can cause significant discomfort over time.

Our sheepskin crutch covers fit the bill, wrapping around the areas arm pads of the crutch that lead to pressure and soreness. People who have developed sores from their crutches will notice their wounds begin to heal through regular contact with the soothing sheepskin.

Medical Sheepskin Elbow Pads

The elbow joint can be subject to injury and pain, also affecting a person’s quality of life. Medical sheepskin pads wrap the joints in soft, soothing comfort, providing protection against further damage. The material distributes weight evenly to prevent pressure soreness for people confined to chairs for long periods. They also provide gentle support to the joint to reduce pain and promote healing after injury.

Our sheepskin elbow pads are fully lined and include Velcro straps for easy adjustment. These pads can also be worn on the heel to offer protection, support, and comfort.

Sheepskin Neck Pillow

Neck pillows have become a popular travel accessory, offering a comfortable way to catch up on sleep during travels. Our neck pillows offer benefits far beyond soft support on the road. These flexible rolls can be used to add support to the lower back while driving or working at a desk. The sheepskin neck pillow is also handy for elevating sore limbs.

Sheepskin neck pillows from the Sheepskin Factory are crafted from high-quality sheepskin. Antibacterial properties make these pillows a good choice for any type of travel, as they will resist bacterial germination. Natural moisture-wicking also maintains comfort throughout long flights or car rides.

Medical sheepskin products offer a variety of uses and benefits, making them an appropriate choice for people with chronic pain and medical conditions, or people recovering from an injury or surgery. With different products to choose from, our customers can find the medical sheepskin that meets their needs best.

Discover the soothing comfort of sheepskin. To learn more about our products, contact a member of the Sheepskin Factory today.