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Our 100% Australian medical grade sheepskin helps soothe and provides comfort. The breathable wool fibers help reduce pressure points and bed sores. 

Versatile- use anywhere 24 hours a day- in the car, bed, on a chair or on the floor for comfort and relaxation. 

All Year Round- warm and comforting in the winter while keeping you dry and comfortable even in the summer heat

Washable! Mild spoiling can be easily sponged off with a damp cloth. If you need to deeply clean our Medical Sheepskin is machine washable. Be sure to use gentle cycle in warm water. Use mild detergent only (no bleach). Spin on gentle cycle to remove excess water and let air dry. Do not tumble dry and keep away direct sunlight while drying. Do not iron. 

105cm x 60cm 
Price: $185.00