Women's Sheepskin Products


Bella Slipper


The Bella from Old Friend combines superior sheepskin and plush Nubuck leather for the ultimate in women's slipper comfort.  The hard sole on this slipper makes them perfect for light outdoor use.



Designer Sheepskin Gloves


Beautifully made hand stitched gloves made from top quality garment skins. Much attention has been spent on sizing to assure the best fit. Available in Tan and Black.

Width and Length of Gloves
Width is measured acr...

Hard Sole Moccasin


Classic leather laced moccasin lined with 100% genuine sheepskin. Keep your feet warm whether you are walking indoors or outdoors.

​Features a rubber sole
Suede upper
Adjust width with laces
Easily sl...

Medical Slippers


Medical Slippers

Replacement Sheepskin Insoles


Extend the life of your slippers or add comfor to any shoe with our 100% genuine sheepskin insoles

Scuff Slipper (Hard Sole)


Hard Sole Scuff

Sheepskin Bootee Slipper


Soft Sole Bootee

Sheepskin Bootee Slipper (Hard Sole)


Hard Sole Bootee Light

Sheepskin Earmuff


Our Slim-fit earmuff wraps are perfect for cold winter days. Great for running and outdoor activities. Wraps around the back of your neck and has a wire “stay” inside allowing you to bend the earmuff to contour.


Sheepskin Gloves


Soft Sole Moccasin


Soft Sole Moccasin

For both comfort and style, nothing beats sheepskin. Women’s sheepskin products from the Sheepskin Factory feature the finest materials to maintain warmth in the colder months and keep things cool during the warmer seasons. The breathable property of sheepskin helps regulate body temperatures at any time of the year for extraordinary cushioning comfort.  Gentle on the skin and easy to care for, sheepskin is the go-to option for a wide assortment of women’s accessories today.

Sheepskin Slippers

Wrap feet in luxurious softness with women’s sheepskin slippers. From the classic loafer style to sheepskin bootie slippers, the selection ensures a perfect fit and style for every woman. Sheepskin slippers are the perfect way to unwind after a busy day or greet a cold morning with warm feet and a hot cup of coffee. With exquisite style and craftsmanship, this footwear is designed to be flaunted at home and on those quick errands during a blustery Saturday morning.

Our slippers feature a hard sole that allows them to be worn safely outdoors. Bootie slippers come in both indoor and outdoor styles. We offer multiple sizes, colors and styles to fit every taste and budget.

Sheepskin Gloves

Keep hands toasty without drying them out with the gentle soothing effects of sheepskin. The material contains lanolin, a substance found in the skin to help keep it soft and supple. Sheepskin also keeps hands dry through all kinds of weather, with superior wicking to keep irritating sweat off the skin. Protect the hands while enhancing circulation for vibrant skin even during the driest winter months.

Our handstitched gloves are designed for durability and comfort. Multiple sizes ensure a perfect fit for everyone. High-quality sheepskin lining ensures temperature control and reduces irritation to the hands.

Sheepskin Earmuffs

Don’t leave ears out in the cold – protect and pamper them with women’s sheepskin earmuffs. Easy to wear, our muffs hug the back of the head so they can be worn with any hairstyle. Size can be customized to fit beautifully and comfortably. The material is bacteria resistant and self-cleaning to ensure they can be worn repeatedly. Cozy and warm, these muffs offer wind and cold resistance to make outdoor activities more enjoyable.

The adjustable design ensures a perfect fit and two different colors offer coordination with other outdoor accessories. Comfortable enough for extended wear during outdoor activities with sufficient warmth for even the coldest days.

Women’s sheepskin products are the perfect finish to a fashionable wardrobe. With a variety of options to choose from, we provide for every personal style and budget. To learn more, contact one of our service representatives today.