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Why Sheepskin Gloves Would be a Perfect Choice For Men & Women

By Eleanna - December 10, 2019

Whether you're just running errands on a cold day or you're going on a sleigh ride and sitting by a campfire for a couple of hours sheepskin lined leather gloves are the perfect choice. Over 500 years ago sheepskin gloves, called shearlings, became popular for the upper class. Now they are affordable, fashionable and more popular than ever.

Experience Warmth Without Discomfort

Sheepskin provides more warmth than any other glove lining. Sheepskin is both a fire resilient and breathable material. The gloves don't allow your hands to feel uncomfortable or sweat like other materials do. You can even hold your hands up to a blazing fire by a campfire and they won't get all sweaty and smelly. These gloves don't get an odor after wearing them many times either. This breathable quality makes them a wise gloves choice.

Keep Your Hands Soft in the Winter

Sheepskin is known for helping keep your hands soft and protected from the harsh winter weather. During the winter months, your hands and skin have the tendency to be dry and get rough. The cold, snow, ice and wind take a toll on the skin. Going back and forth between the outdoor elements to the dry heat inside doesn't help either. Wearing sheepskin lined gloves can help keep your hands feeling soft and less affected by the cold.

Fashionable and Durable For Men and Women Alike

Both men and women are wearing sheepskin lined gloves nowadays. They have made a comeback in the fashion world. Not only are they fashionable but they are very durable. They can be worn for almost everything. Mens sheepskin gloves would make a great birthday or holiday gift. They are great to wear while shoveling and snow blowing. They can be worn on a daily basis while to and from work. Men and women will also be very stylish while wearing them out on the town. Sheepskin gloves women's are perfect for shopping and lunching with the girls.

Taking Care of Your Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin gloves can last a very long time if you take care of them properly. As with any clothing or accessory of good quality, you'll want to take special care of them. It's a good idea to clean them every once in a while or if they get a stain on them. Do not ever put them in a washing machine or dryer. Wash them by hand with water and a special cleaning solution you can purchase. Let them air dry naturally and don't put them on a vent or use a blow dryer to dry them faster. There is a conditioner you can use to keep them in top-notch condition, as well.

Where to Get Your Gloves

You'll want to find a place that carries high-quality sheepskin-lined gloves. If you buy good quality, they will last longer. The Sheepskin Factory in Denver, CO is a good place to purchase them. It's an American, family-owned company of more than 40 years and carries many different high quality, premium sheepskin products.

They sell sheepskin rugs, seat covers, motorcycle seat covers, boots, hats, and fabulous gloves. They ship products across the country and around the world and also do special orders and custom-made products. They are a great choice if you want to buy American and if you want to support a family-owned company.

If you are in the market for gloves consider comfortable, fashionable, warm and breathable designer sheepskin gloves. Sheepskin Factory is a great place to buy them. Get yours today.