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Motorcycle Sheepskin Seat Covers For Comfort

By Eleanna - August 22, 2019

The time is summer. The weather is gorgeous, and you have the weekend off. Pack the duffel bag and hop on your motorcycle for a long, cool drive across the country, or just across the state. Either way, a couple of hours into your drive, the familiar feeling hits you … in the behind. Your back is sore and your bottom hurts from that hard leather seating that comes standard on most bikes. Never experience that hurt again when you invest in sheepskin motorcycle seat covers!

Typically, when people think sheepskin, they think wool, and then immediately go to warm, thick and hot, but that is not the case with sheepskin. There are many surprising benefits to investing in motorbike sheepskin seat covers for all your motorcycle journeys, long or short. Take a look at just a few below:

Sheepskin is Breathable

This is going to allow you and your rider to stay cool during those long hot summer rides. The air can blow through the fibers and not absorb the heat that makes you sweaty and chaffing throughout your ride. You can stop less and enjoy more of the countryside by keeping your body dry and cool. The same idea works for winter rides, by releasing heat back to your body instead of absorbing the moisture from your body heat and making your seat wet and cold.

Sheepskin is Comfortable

Investing in sheepskin motorcycle seat covers will, at the very least, provide a cushion to sit on that does not burn or stick to your body should you be wearing shorts, or your rider leaning back. Leather seats have little to no give for shock absorption and get very hot when left exposed to the sun, whereas sheepskin covers will keep your comfortable the whole ride through.

Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers

Worried about the cover not fitting? Place your mind at ease by looking into custom sheepskin motorcycle seat covers to ensure no sliding off, cutting into your original seat or simply not fitting. You didn't spend 5 minutes picking out your bike and its features did you? Don't do the same for the accessories meant to keep you comfortable for the long haul.

Durable and Long-Lasting Seat Covers

Speaking of longevity, investing in a sheepskin seat cover will do two very important things for your bike and your bottom. Keeping a seat cover on will keep the original seat in better condition should you choose to trade up. It will not be constantly exposed to weather, sweat, spills, and rubbing from bodyweight. The cover itself is very durable and long-life lasting. It is washable, breathable, and easy to remove or replace for a quick on the road dusting. This is one investment you will be sharing with your fellow riders and family to come for years. Your co-riders will thank you too!

Still on the fence about your purchase? Ask yourself this: What's not to love? These custom seat covers will keep you and your rider more comfortable during rides so you can worry more about whether or not you remembered to pack sunscreen or the map, than when is the next rest stop so I can unstick from my seat. Sheepskin seat covers are durable, long-lasting, washable, and you can customize them to fit your seat! No more sliding off your wet leather seat in the rain or having to put a plastic baggy over it.

Make your purchase online today or stop in and speak to a knowledgeable representative at the Sheepskin Factory. You know you want a reason to ride, so go to Denver, Colorado and check them out today!