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Keep Cool in Summer with Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

By Eleanna - July 23, 2019

It doesn't matter if your vehicle is higher-end or lower-end; feeling supremely comfortable in the driver's seat is one of the most important rules of the road. When summer kicks in and delivers bright hot weather, that definitely feels good for the soul, but not when you're in a car. You know the drill: building up a sweat, sticking to the seats, and being trapped by the heat is not a calming influence as you sit in traffic. That’s why sheepskin automobile seat covers are a genius solution for feeling as cool as a cucumber when you put the pedal to the medal.

Natural Fibers

That's right. The thick and woolly natural fibers are actually effective at cooling off your body as you hit the road on a hot day. These hollow breathable fibers can actually help the human body maintain a steady temperature. Sheepskin auto seat covers do all the hard work by absorbing your sweat in mere seconds and zapping it away so much faster and more efficiently than a synthetic material ever could.

Comfort & Protection

Sheepskin car seat covers also keep your passengers cool and dry, and everyone enjoys sitting on a fluffy, soft cushion on any ride near and far. No more fidgeting, no more beads of sweat falling, just enjoying a cozy, breathable experience for you and your body. You could call it "shear comfort."

It's a sensible and smart item to consider for any vehicle and also offers other benefits. For example, sheepskin automobile seat covers are protective over your original upholstery against fading, spills or dirt. Also, if you're traveling on leather seats, there's another reason to smile. Sheepskin car seat covers allow your leather to age like a fine wine. Sheepskin happens to contain natural lanolin, and this amazing ingredient can keep your leather seats supple, soft and fresh-looking.

Sheepskin isn't just for summer. It's an all-year-round accessory for your vehicles. Think of it as nature's great insulator and the ideal body supporter. While the thick, woolly padding cools you off during summer, the same exquisite fibers also keep you snuggly warm during winter travel. Talk about comfort to the max and excellent padding for your bottom; there is nothing quite like sheepskin auto seat covers.

Travel in Style 

A vehicle that sports sheepskin automobile seat covers elevates its status to the next level. These thick woolly covers spell elegant refinement and instantly upgrade your vehicle's interior. The sheepskin covers come in a choice of colors like Pearl, Charcoal, Silver or Camel to match the inside of your car. The one-inch thick covers are custom-made to fit your vehicle's seats like a glove. The fully-lined covers are also washable, bacteria-resistant and hypo-allergenic. 

Sitting on sheepskin may sound like an unusual way to enjoy your ride all-year-round, but the science is in its incredible hollow fibers. Natural, luxe and durable, sheepskin can make your drive ultra-comfortable every time you turn the key's ignition. Hot or cold, it doesn't matter as its natural wicking moisture abilities take over.

Sheepskin's sumptuous texture speaks for itself. If you’re ready to treat yourself with a sheepskin seat cover, shop online or visit our Sheepskin Factory store in Denver, CO to experience the best in genuine sheepskin products.