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How to Put Sheepskin Covers on Your Car Seats

By Eleanna - June 24, 2019

Benefits of Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

Using custom sheepskin car seat covers help combat ice cold seats in the winter and searing hot seats during the summer. Their breathability makes them adaptable to body temperature, and they wick away excess moisture. Plus, its lush softness provides comfort for those long drives.

Installing Sheepskin Seat Covers

For permanent or detachable headrests, follow the steps below to easily install your custom made sheepskin car seat covers yourself!

Method 1: Permanent Headrests

If your car seats have permanently attached headrests, follow these seven easy steps to install your new custom sheepskin car seat covers.

Step 1: Pull Sheepskin Cover Down Backrest

Grab the hood (top portion) of the sheepskin seat cover and place it around the top of the seat. Drape the cover down and around the front of the seat, while wrapping tightly over the edges to the back.

Step 2: Smooth Out Surface

Use your hand to smooth out the cover and straighten it by tugging at seams. Repeat these motions until sheepskin is molded to the backrest.

Step 3: Route Backrest Straps Through Seat

Locate both straps and run them through the crevice between the backrest and seat bottom. From the backside of the seat, pull the threaded straps through all the way.

*Space between backseat and bottom may be tight. Applying pressure to seat bottom with your knee or adjusting the recline levels will help widen the gap.

Step 4: Hook Straps to Bottom of Seat

From the backseat of the car, stretch the elastic straps to ensure a tight fit. Find a fixed spot on the seat and hook the elastic straps in place.

*DO NOT hook straps to the car seat frame that is on the floor. Doing so will damage your sheepskin seat cover, due to the constant change in tensions as the seat slides forward and back.

Step 5: Attach Side Straps

Take each side strap, run them alongside the car seat bottom, and hook them to the underside of the seat bottom cushion. To avoid damage, do not to hook straps to seat frame on the floor of the car.

Step 6: Attach Front Straps

Take the straps found at the front of the sheepskin car seat cover and run them under the car seat bottom. Find a fixed spot and hook straps to the underside of the seat cushion.

*Make sure straps are not in the way of seat track and adjuster lever.

Step 7: Smooth out Wrinkles

Once straps are hooked, use your hand to smooth out any wrinkles. For maximum comfort, make sure all sides and ends of the sheepskin cover are pulled tight and tucked against the car seat.

Method 2: Removable Headrests

The second method is for removable headrests. You will need a pair of scissors to remount headrests once done.

Step 1: Remove Headrests

Completely remove the headrest from the seat. Pull headrest in a direct upward motion to take off.

*Some vehicles have a button to press and remove headrest. Others may need a paperclip (or any other fine tip tool) inserted into the post retainer. Once post retainer is released, pull headrest directly up and off.

Step 2: Install Sheepskin Seat Cover

Pull the sheepskin seat cover completely over the car seat. Using your hand, smooth all wrinkles and straighten seams of sheepskin cover. Ensure it is straight and correctly installed.

Step 3: Cut Holes to Re-Install Headrests

Use your fingers to locate the indentations of the headrest post entrances at the top of the car seat. Once pinpointed, use scissors to cut a small slit in the seat cover. Keep the cut small and just wide enough to slide post in.

Step 4: Re-Install Headrest

Placing the headrest above the car seat, thread posts through the slits just cut and into post entrances. Press down on the headrest until posts are securely in.

Step 5: Adjust Headrest

For safety purposes, make sure you adjust your headrest to the correct position. Line up the headrest around eye-level for the best protection in the event of an accident.

With these simple steps, you’ll have your sheepskin seat covers installed in no time! Browse our wide range of genuine high-quality sheepskin products online, or visit our Sheepskin Factory store in Denver, Colorado, to upgrade your car seats today!