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Reasons to Use Medical Sheepskin

By Eleanna - February 8, 2019

Pressure injuries and bedsores are a few of the simplest in-hospital complications to counter. Perhaps the most reliable solution to this issue is applying sheepskin for bedsores right away.

Sheepskins for Pressure Injuries

The comfort and warmth of sheepskins for pressure injuries are one of the best provisions of support and cushion for bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound patients. This allows the skin to stay protected. Sheepskin commodities are being used extensively throughout the healthcare industry now.

Here are some of the benefits natural wool fibers provide:

  • The organic composition of wool fibers allows it to be soft and springy at the same time. The weight can then be distributed across the body to lessen the tension on pressure points. This is a vital point in preventing bedsores.
  • They do not impart friction on the skin like ordinary fabrics. Friction aggravates the skin and makes sores form. Sheepskin can get rid of this hazard.
  • Sheepskin lets air flow over the skin. This provides more ventilation and breathability qualities for the skin.
  • Wool fibers counter bacterial germination. This lowers the chance of blisters or sores developing from bacterial contagions on pressure points.
  • Sheepskin keeps its warmth after absorbing varying quantities of moisture. For patients who may perspire a lot, their skin can remain dry due to the way sheepskin sucks up moisture effectively.

These characteristics are the reasoning for why vast amounts of hospitals decide to use sheepskin medical products to treat bedsores. Using the right care and precautionary measures along with the sheepskins, pressure sores and bedsores can definitively be circumvented.

Medical Sheepskin Padding

The sheepskin can also be applied as a sort of therapeutic padding. Medical sheepskin padding arrives either in bed pad or seat pad designs. The seat pads were devised to suit wheelchair-bound seniors or other patients who are unable to move from their wheelchair alone. Medical seat pads made from sheepskin are hypoallergenic and great at eliminating pressure sores as well. Put these anywhere a patient has to sit such as an office chair, sofa or car seat for best results.

Sheepskin bed pads are utilized with beds where the patient will be lying down. Such medical bed pads could be placed on high back chairs as well.

Sheepskin Heel and Elbow Guards

Heel and elbow sheepskin medical protectors are out there for those with tender skin who have to use heel and elbow casts because of an accident. The typical cast is going to be fashioned from damaging and rough materials that can be dangerous with sensitive skin. It's exacerbated even more because of how the cast is generally worn over long periods. The bone damage such as a fracture needs quite a bit of time to mend.

Stopping bed sores from forming immediately is now easy with the use of medical sheepskins. They afford top-notch shielding for any sore points. Pressure injuries are a critical health problem many seniors and immobile patients encounter. It increases the interest in using medical sheepskin elbow and heel protectors and sheepskin medical pads at all hours to preserve patients' health.

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