Automotive Sheepskin Products

Custom seat covers available from $325-$375. Click Here to Get Started


Car Vest (No Headrest)


Car Vest - No Headrest



Steering Wheel Cover


Steering Wheel Cover

Semi-Custom Seat Covers


Semi-Custom Seat Covers

Can Am Spyder Motorcycle Seat Cover


Add pure luxury to your motorcycle ride. Our Motorcycle Seat cover will add comfort to long rides while keeping you cool all year long! Our Motorcycle cover will cover the entire seat and features a slit for the backrest

Super Fit Seat Cover


Super Fit Seat Cover

Seat Belt Cover


Seat Belt Cover

Sheepskin auto products add a touch of luxury to any car or truck.

Make your vehicle more comfortable and luxurious with our sheepskin seat covers, steering wheel covers, and seat belt covers. They feel great and help eliminate skin irritation from stock items.

Comfort. Luxury. Protection.

Sheepskin auto covers make any vehicle a luxury vehicle.

Our sheepskin auto products are soft and luxurious. They fit great, look great, and feel great. Install our sheepskin covers and you'll think you're driving a different – and more expensive – vehicle.

These sheepskin covers keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also help protect your vehicle's factory upholstery from wear and tear, spills, and more. It's a quality investment!

The Ultimate Sheepskin Auto Products

Sheepskin Factory offers a wide selection of sheepskin auto products for any vehicle, and they’re available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sheepskin Auto Seat Covers

We offer stock, semi-custom, and custom sheepskin seat covers to fit any make or model vehicle. Our 1" thick covers are cotton lined and fully washable. They're soft and naturally hypoallergenic, and make even long drives more comfortable. We even offer seat covers for your motorcycle!

Sheepskin Car Seat Vests

A sheepskin car seat vest is just like a full seat cover, except it doesn't cover your headrest. It's a more affordable option for many vehicles and just as comfortable as a full seat cover.

Sheepskin Steering Wheel Covers

Nothing feels better during a long drive than gripping a soft, fluffy steering wheel cover. Say goodbye to burning hot steering wheels in the summer and ice-cold steering wheels in the winter!

Sheepskin Seat Belt Covers

Tired of chafing and irritation from your vehicle's shoulder harness? Install a sheepskin seat belt cover and never be uncomfortable again. They are available in four colors to match any vehicle interior.

Let Us Turn Your Car into the Ultimate Luxury Vehicle

You'll appreciate the quality and fit of Sheepskin Factory seat, seat belt, and steering wheel covers. Every one of the sheepskin auto products is made from genuine New Zealand and Australian sheepskin.

Our covers feature one-inch dense fleece wool of premium quality and are able to be machine washed and dry cleaned. You get the highest quality sheepskin products at a fair price, backed by our famous satisfaction guarantee. Your vehicle will look better and be more comfortable for years to come. Order yours today!

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